Seven Teachings

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Our Tradition

The Wikwemikong Tribal Police is committed to developing a cooperative relationship with the community though our core values that is consistent with the seven teachings of the Anishinaabe people.  The mission will be accomplished by treating every community member with courtesy, professionalism and respect, and to enforce the laws impartially, fighting crime both through prevention and the apprehension of criminals.

Seven Teachings

Nbwaakaawin—Wisdom: We will know what is good and what is right, in doing so, we understand that wisdom is given by the Creator which is to be used for the good of the people. We will maintain prudence and intelligence through experience and training.

Zaagidiwin—Love: We will know peace through knowing love and truly loving oneself in order to maintain peace within the community. We understand that when people are weak they need unconditional love and caring.

Mnaadendimowin—Respect: We will be mindful of the balance of all living things and honour all creation to know and understand respect. All creation will be treated with respect. We will be respectful to be respected.

Aakwa’ode’ewin / Zoongide’ewin—Bravery: We will face the foe with integrity and do what is right for the community, family and self. We will have a fearless heart in carrying out our duty and do what is right even when the consequences are unpleasant.

Gwekwaadziwin—Honesty: We will be honest to ourselves first and walk with integrity, in doing so is to know honesty, which will allow us to be easily honest with others.  Honesty in facing a situation is to be brave. We will be honest in words and actions.

Dbaadendiziwin —Humility: We will have humility that will allow us to know ourselves as a sacred part of Creation.  We will be equal to others, and know we are not better. We will have compassion, respectability and patience.

Debwewin—Truth: We will be true to ourselves and to all others. We will understand our place in life and apply that understanding in the way we conduct ourselves both on and off duty.  Truth is to know all of these things.