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Our Members

Board of Directors

President Lawrence Enosse
Vice-President Peggy Manitowabi
Secretary-Treasurer Darcy Solomon
Board Member Joseph Wabegijig
Terry Beaudry


Staff Sergeant G. Mishibinijima
Acting Chief of Police Ron Gignac
Recruit A. Assinewe-Bennett
A. Landry
K. Peristeridis
Sergeant D. Mandamin
D. Trudeau
W. McComb
J. Shawanda
Administrative Sergeants

A/S/Sgt Tammy Duffy
A/S/Sgt Gilles Dupuis

Shift Sergeants D. Mandamin
D. Trudeau
C. King
W. McComb
J. Shawanda
Constables J. Pitawanakwat
E. Shawana
J. Godin
J. Assiniwe
Z. Webkamigad
G. DiSalvo
S. DiRago
N. Souliere-Lamb
D. Young
T. Van Drunen
N. Kitchikeg
O. Manitowabi
S. Pangowish
D. Young
B. Hacking-Schwan
Community Services Officer J.R. Peltier
Special Constables S. Pitawanakwat
S. Lockyer
J. Hodder
A. Laffin
D. Recollet


Administrative Assistant S. Assiniwe
Building Maintenance Coordinator T. Assiniwe
Human Resources Manager R. Flamand
Executive Assistant M. Trudeau
Finance Manager M. Webkamigad
Court Case Manager T. Trudeau
Data Processors C. Aiabens